About Me

My name is Juraj Bednár. I am an entrepreneur, hacker and explorer. It is difficult to write something “about me”, because life is so complex and I try to do a lot of interesting stuff.

I wrote my first program when I was 6 years old. Later I have become involved with open-source, Linux (as a user, then administrator and system architect) and redundant server solutions. It all goes hand in hand with security and cryptography. I am very interested in wider implication of technologies. I studied artificial intelligence and I try to figure out what’s the real difference between computer programs and people :).

I am currently mainly responsible for strategy at DIGMIA, which I started with Vladislav Konečný in 2006 to deliver our vision in server computing. We are responsible for server farms at some of the largest web sites in Slovakia and several interesting server farms around Europe.

We also founded Citadelo (with Vladislav and Tomáš Zaťko) - a team of hackers (called penetration testers or ethical hackers). Our main security service is a simulated hacker attack directed at your web or mobile application. We use and contribute to OWASP Testing Guide. We have tested several financial applications for insurance companies and banks and e-commerce solutions (credit card processor, e-shops, …).

I am always looking for new opportunities, friendships and ventures. I wanted to work in a company where a majority of people are technical, not managers … so I started it.

Entrepreneurship is key to creating abundance in this world. Creativity and productivity solve poverty and improve people’s lives in a way that no state agency can. I am involved with Bitcoin - an alternative currency that will probably make sending and receiving money easier for entrepreneurs and people around the world, not only in the “western countries”. This brought me to Austrian school of economics, which I study.

Travel; that’s how I learn about the world. I like hacking travel too.

I am a co-founder and active member of Bratislava’s hackerspace Progressbar and Prague’s best venue - Paralelní Polis. It hosts a hackerspace called Institute of Cryptoanarchy and a cafeteria with best coffee in Prague and accepting only Bitcoin.

I wrote some interesting code that can be found over at Github or our company’s open-source page

Here’s my linkedin profile, Google+ page, Twitter: @jurbed and Facebook. When e-mailing me, please use my PGP public key.

30th Chaos Communication Congress talk:

My TEDxBratislava talk about hacktivism:

My freedom and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) talk at Bitcoin Conference, London:

My generic Bitcoin presentation (from LibertyCamp):